Read the Signs! How You Should Really Wash Your Clothes

A basic guide on how to read your care labels!

So many people invest hundreds and hundreds sometimes thousands on their clothes but don't take the time to care for them correctly. Whether you are hoping to look after your investment pieces, or even just trying to get the most out of your fashion fashion bargains this guide is for you!

It may take you a few times of doing the washing and checking every item, but it will soon become second nature, and you will thank yourself for it! Your clothes will look and feel better and you'll feel a million times better in them!


The Don'ts

(1-4)- Probably the most important ones to try remember, as soon as you see a cross - follow you instinct and stop before you throw your silk shirt in with that cotton towel! 

All the above usually come paired with an alternative washing technique that is suitable. By holding back the temptation to just lob your beautiful new dress into the washing machine after a night out you'll soon find that your clothes don't fade half as quick, they will be saved from holes and fraying and they are more likely to hold their shape and not stretch or warp to something that looks loosely like a bin bag. 

Washing your clothes differently can change your whole wardrobe!


Hand Wash


Also very handy ones to know, their are so many hand washing tricks that can save you time and money so getting your hand wash technique down is key! By hand washing - don't expect to be there with an old fashion washboard on the garden scrubbing your pants! Most washing machines have hand wash settings, its just knowing how to cater this wash for different garments.


TIP - Drying flat is handy for knitwear, (mainly heavy knits) so that while the garment is still wet and heavier than normal, the 'water weight' doesn't weigh it down and cause the knit to stretch and warp. I tend to simply lie my heavy knits down on a waterproof surface on something entirely flat like  a table, turn a radiator on and keep the door closed to seal the warmth - bingo you have yourself a little laundry unit. 



(9 + 10)

In absolute honesty, outside of the studio I tend to aim to iron as little as possible! Keep an eye on the temperature, the best tip of all is to not iron anything on a setting that is too hot for the fabric, this is the easiest way to destroy your clean fresh clothes. Rather than rushing it on a super hot setting your better off hanging it in the shower and hoping for the best from all that steam! (apart from the don't steam ones!)

TIP - 'Do not steam' labels tend to be on garments in fabrics like leather and wax so keep an eye out!


When you've nailed your ironing skills you'll probably have already found that ironing some items when they are slightly damp will help you get a clean crease-free garment, effectively! Check first but this often includes fabrics like cotton, linen and silk.


TIP - A good fabric conditioner can also help keep creases to a minimum when they are fresh out of the washing machine. 


Along with these top tips we are always around to help where possible! If you ever need help with caring for your garments we are happy! Just get in touch here